Okra Tempura Chips: Unique Healthy Japanese Snacks

Okra is a flowering plant valued for its green seed pods, which, in Japan, are used in dishes such as salad, soup, and tempura.

Okra is a healthy vegetable rich in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber, and its juice is somewhat sticky. 

I sometimes eat okra in the form of tempura or with natto, but until today, I had never tried its snacks. 

Okra Tempura Chips

Okra Tempura Chips

But today, I finally sampled a bag of okra tempura chips that I bought the other day with other items at a Welcia drugstore. 

The product is sold by MD Holdings, and it cost me about 340 yen (about 3 USD). 

Okra Tempura Snack

The bag is filled with these okra chips, which retain their original fresh green color and look like real tempura.

But the snack is completely dry and brittle compared to actual okra tempura and easily crumbles when applying pressure.


Okura Tempura Snacks

These okra tempura chips are lightly flavored with Tentsuyu-like dashi-rich soy sauce and are delightfully crispy.

The flavoring calms the characteristic taste of okra, making the snack easy to eat.

These crisps are a little bitter, but I can recommend this as a treat for kids for its healthy factor and deliciousness.

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