Marumiya Pepatama Furikake with Black Pepper and Eggs

Marumiya is a Japanese food company with the largest share in the Furikake rice seasoning market. 

The maker’s signature product is the Noritama Furikake, and in recent years Marumiya introduced a Noritama-related Furikake called “Pepatama (ペパたま)”.

Pepatama Furikake from Marumiya

Marumiya Pepatame Furikake

The other day, I found the Pepatama Furikake (22 grams) (Price: 110 yen/ about 1 USD) for the first time at a Welcia drugstore, and for sampling, I grabbed one.

As the color of the packaging suggests, “Pepa (ペパ)” in its name stands for “black pepper”, while “Tama (たま)” is short for “Tamago (たまご)” meaning “egg”.

Pepatama Furikake Rice Seasoning with Black Pepper and Eggs

Pepatama Furikake mainly consists of dried egg granules and shredded nori seaweed flakes. It is something like Noritama spiced with black pepper.

The trifecta of eggs, nori, and black pepper are perfectly balanced, making the overall taste of this Furikake quite addictive. Pepatama has an adult taste, but the spiciness is not intense, so children could also enjoy it.


Pepatama Furikake on RIce

Furikake is a condiment for rice, and its main aim is to make plain white rice flavorful and tasty by sprinkling it. But as I wrote in this article, the condiment can actually be used in various ways.

Regarding Pepatama Furikake, the granules go especially well with spaghetti carbonara, as seen in this recipe.


Marumiya Pepatama Furikake Ingredients Nutrition Facts Calories Label

Lastly, let’s see the ingredients in this Marumiya Pepatama Furikake.

Based on the label on the back of the package, the Furikake seasoning mainly consists of milk sugar, hen’s eggs, sugar, wheat flour, salt, processed soybeans, roasted sesame seeds, beef, Koshi-An paste, palm oil, starch, miso, vegetable protein, spices, extract (chicken, yeast, bonito, onion, seafood, beef), nori, dairy products, soy sauce, mirin, powdered chicken meat, seaweed calcium, chicken lard, high-fructose corn syrup, dextrin, yeast, onion powder, reduced starch syrup, dextrose, and starch syrup.



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