Yamitsuki Horumon: Addictive Pork Offal Jerky Snack

“Horumon (ホルモン)” is a Japanese word meaning “internal organs” and refers to beef and pork offal, especially intestines.

Those variety meats are commonly eaten in the Yakiniku grill, and in recent years, they are also available in snack form.

Yamitsuki Horumon (やみつきホルモン)

Yamitsuki Horumon Pork Offal Jerky Snack

The product I picked up yesterday, “Yamitsuki Horumon (やみつきホルモン: Addictive Horumon)” (Price: 168 yen/about 1.5 USD) is a new type of snack from Asahi Group Foods that belongs to that kind.


Horumon Pork Offal Jerky Snacks

These are Horumon snacks made from pork offal dried by frying. Specifically, the product uses the “Gatsu (ガツ: stomach)” and “Hatsu (ハツ: heart)” parts of pork.

Dried Horumon Snack using Pork Gatsu and Hatsu

 These variety meats are seasoned with “Uma-Shio Dare (旨塩ダレ)” or umami-rich salt-based tare sauce and fried.


Japanese Pork Offal Jerky Snacks using Gatsu and Hatsu

Both the meats are easy to eat with no peculiar smell and are yummy. They have a similar taste and jerky-like texture, so the more you chew, the tastier they become.

I think these Horumon snacks could be a nice Otsumami that goes well with beer and other alcoholic drinks.

Ingredients/Nutrition Facts

Yamitsuki Horumon Pork Offal Jerky Snack Ingredients Nutrients Facts Calories Label

For those who want to know the specific ingredients and nutrition facts, here are the labels.


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