Uguisu Mochi: Wagashi Sweet that Represents Early Spring

A while ago, my family was gifted a Wagashi or a traditional Japanese sweet called “Uguisu Mochi (うぐいすもち)” from a neighbor, and I enjoyed one a couple of days ago.

The confection was bought from a local confectionery shop, and its expiration date was short.

Uguisu Mochi (鶯餅)

Uguisu Mochi

Uguisu Mochi is a Wagashi that represents early spring. It is oblong shaped like an “Uguisu (鶯: Japanese nightingale or bush warbler)” bird.

Uguisu Mochi Rice Cake

The dough is a “Gyuhi (求肥)” made from Mochiko or Shiratamako flour kneaded with sugar and starch syrup.

Uguisu Mochi with Anko

It is filled with sweet Azuki red bean paste and coated with a type of Kinako called “Uguisuko (鶯粉)” (roasted green soybean flour).

Uguisu Mochi Cake

The cake is said to have been named Uguisu Mochi by the famous samurai Hideyoshi Toyotomi around 1580. 

It is a time-honored Wagashi sweet that should be tried this season!

(Reference Page: Wikipedia 鶯餅 )


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