Wasabi Nori Taro: 12 Yen Dagashi Snack from Yaokin

Recently, Yaokin has announced that it will revise the price of Umaibo from 10 yen (about 0.1 USD) to 12 yen on April 1st of this year (2022).

As the price of the dagashi has never changed since first introduced in 1979, this is the first time it is rising.

And that is not only the case with Umaibo.

Just now when I researched online, I found the snack “Wasabi Nori Taro (わさびのり太郎)” too priced at 12 yen before I knew it.

Wasabi Nori Taro (わさびのり太郎)

Yaokin Wasabi Nori Taro

Wasabi Nori Taro is a classic dagashi snack manufactured by Kado and sold by Yaokin like Umaibo.

There seems to be a snack called Wasabi Taro Chips made with thin slices of cassava overseas, but the “Taro (太郎)” in this treat stands for a Japanese boy’s name.

Japanese Dagashi Snack Wasabi Nori Taro

This dagashi is the same type of snack as Kabayaki-san Taro and Yakiniku-san Taro, whose main ingredient is fish surimi, not the taro potato, and its texture is like jerky.

What makes this snack different from Kabayaki-san Taro and Yakiniku-san Taro is only the tare seasoning featuring the refreshing sharp taste of wasabi (grated Japanese horseradish).

Although the price is already 12 yen, this dagashi is a kind of thing that couldn’t be seen overseas, and the unique taste makes me think it would be alright more than that.

And this is also true of the case of Umaibo.


Yaokin Wasabi Nori Taro Ingredients

Lastly, for those who want to know the specific ingredients in the Wasabi Nori Taro snack, here is the label.

According to that, the dagashi mainly consists of fish surimi, wheat flour, squid powder, soy sauce, mirin, sugar, nori (seaweed), and spices.


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