Nissin Curry Meshi: Best Instant Cup Curry Rice

Otsuka Bon Curry (released in 1968) was epoch-making about 55 years ago, and now, Nissin Curry Meshi, first introduced in 2013 under the name of Cup Curry Rice, is a kind of successor to it.

Nissin Curry Meshi Beef

Nissin Curry Meshi

Nissin Curry Meshi is a sibling product of Hayashi Meshi (ハヤシメシ) and currently comes in 4 flavors, Beef, Butter Chicken, Keema Curry, and Seafood.

This Curry Meshi Beef (Price: 242 yen) is the original, most often seen sold in supermarkets and convenience stores in Japan.


Nissin Curry Meshi Contents

Curry Meshi is an instant cup of curry rice and comes with a curry roux bar and dried rice, as shown in the photo.

It also has a dash of garnish consisting of seasoned beef mince, fried potato, and carrot.


The cooking of Nissin Curry Meshi is as straightforward as Cup Noodles like this.

1 How to Cook Nissin Curry Meshi 1 First, peel the paper lid halfway and pour boiling water until it reaches the line inside the cup.
2 How to Cook Nissin Curry Meshi 2 Then, close the lid and let the rice steep for 5 minutes.
3 How to Cook Nissin Curry Meshi 3 Remove the paper lid and give it all a good stir until thick enough.
4 Nissin Curry Meshi Rice Now it’s ready to eat. Enjoy the curry rice.


Nissin Curry Meshi Beef Curry Rice

Curry Meshi is popular/best simply because it tastes so good. It has the perfect thick consistency and is full of umami from beef and onion.

If you like instant foods, this is a must-try item for you. I think Nissin Curry Meshi can be a favorite of everyone and will never disappoint you.

Ingredients/Nutrition Facts

Nissin Curry Meshi Instant Curry Rice Ingredients

Rice (Domestic rice, Emulsified oil, Salt), Curry Roux (Animal oil (pig, beef), Onion powder, Wheat flour, Salt, Sugar, Tomato powder, Dairy product, Spice, Curry powder, Flavor seasoning, Cocoa powder), Seasoned beef mince, Fried potato, Carrot, Seasoning (Amino acid), Caramel pigment, Trehalose, Thickener (Modified starch, Polysaccharide thickener), Emulsifier, Acidifier, Flavoring, Phosphate, Antioxidant (Vitamin E), Sweeteners (Sucralose, Acesulfame K), Spice extract, Smoke solution, (Partially including Wheat, Egg, Milk component, Beef, Soybean, Chicken, and Pork)

Nutritional Values

Nissin Curry Meshi Instant Curry Rice Nutrition Facts

Nutritional Values per Serving (107 Grams)
Calories 465 kcal
Protein 7.2 g
Fat 15.5 g
Carbohydrates 74.1 g
Salt equivalents 2.9 g


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