5 Healthy Japanese Snacks that are Japan’s Favorites

Nowadays, so many treats from various countries are available online, and if you are a lover of such things, it may be hard to decide what to choose. 

On Amazon.com, I can find tons of Japanese snacks, many of which are also popular in Japan because of their delicious taste.

5 Healthy Japanese Snacks You Should Know

Healthy Japanese Snacks?

Tasty foods can make you gain weight and may lead you to obesity. But if you can’t stop snacking, picking healthy products may be a good option and help you cope with it.

Japan also has some such treats, and here, I will introduce healthy Japanese snacks worth trying. These five things have long been favorites in my country, but you may not know.

1. Kuki Wakame (茎わかめ)

Kuki Wakame

Kuki Wakame is just a thing like that. It is a seaweed snack using the stem part of wakame, widely enjoyed in Japan for a long time.

Kuki Wakame is a low-calorie food but rich in nutrients such as fiber (fucoidan, alginic acid), minerals (magnesium), calcium, and vitamin K.

2. Konnyaku Jelly (こんにゃくゼリー)

Fruti Konnyaku Jelly from Orihiro

While Kuki Wakame is lightly salted and packed with umami, Konnyaku Jelly usually comes in fruit flavors and is delightfully sweet.

It is a popular confection in Japan with glucomannan and low calories. Compared to average jelly desserts, the konjac sweets are firm and fill you better.

3. Hoshi Natto (干し納豆)

Kanro Puchi Pori Dried Natto Bean Snack

For those loving natto, Hoshi Natto fits. The dried fermented soybeans are not stinky compared to regular natto and can be a favorite of many. 

Hoshi Natto is a salty-savory snack that goes well with beer and sake and is as healthy and nutritious as regular natto.

4. Superfood Yogurt

Meiji LG21 Yogurt

Japanese food companies offer extensive lineups of yogurt, and many of those treats are like superfoods.

If you are curious about the fact, first check these products from Meiji, R1, and LG21, which sparked the trend.

5. Taberu Niboshi (食べる煮干し)

Japanese Almond Fish Snack

Niboshi or dried sardine is not just for dashi/soup stock. It is a good source of calcium, protein, and minerals that children can like.

When I was a schoolboy, school lunch came with this almond fish snack once in a while, and I liked it.


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