Calpis Mochi: 3-Layer Chewy Delicious Rice Cake Candy

There are various classifications in Japanese confectionery, and Mochigashi (餅菓子: mochi sweets) is one of them.

Mochi-Gashi is the name for confections with a mochi-like chewiness, and many create the texture using Mochiko (もち粉) glutinous rice flour, which includes this Calpis Mochi.

Calpis Mochi (カルピスもち)

Nihonbashi Kabou Calpis Mochi

Calpis Mochi is not a traditional Mochigashi but a confection produced by Ito-Seika and sold by Kokubu Group with the brand name 日本橋菓房 (Nihonbashi-Kabou).

It is a popular mochi candy with Calpis cream inside, available at many supermarkets in Japan, and I bought the product (amount: 112 grams) for 170 yen.

Individually Packed Calpis Mochi Sweets

The package contains eight pieces of Calpis Mochi. These treats are coated with a layer of starch but have a slight mochi-like stickiness, so they are individually packed. 

Calpis Mochi

At first glance, the mochi candy looks like Okayama’s Kibi-Dango. In fact, as the dough mainly consists of sugar, starch syrup, and Mochiko, it is a kind of Gyuhi (求肥).

Calpis Mochi with Three Layers Composition

The inside has a three-layer structure; The outer covering is a mochi-like Gyuhi, beneath which a white fluffy marshmallow layer lies, and the orange center is a Calpis-containing cream.

Calpis Mochi Rice Cake

As you can imagine from the above, the mochi is almost as soft as Okayama’s Kibi-Dango and so yummy! The treat packs plenty of Japanese deliciousness, and I can recommend this to anyone!

Ingredients/Nutrition Facts

Calpis Mochi Ingredients Nutrition Facts Label

Sugar, Starch syrup, Maltose, Mochiko rice flour, Dextrin, Calpis syrup, Fermented milk flavoring powder, Modified egg white, Starch, Gelatin, Trehalose, Modified starch, Adhesive (Polysaccharide thickener), Acidifier, pH adjuster, Emulsifier, Flavoring, Sorbitol (Partially including Milk component, Egg, Soybean, and Gelatin)

Nutritional Values

Nutritional Values per 100 Grams
Calories 332 kcal
Protein 1.0 g
Fat 0.6 g
Carbohydrates 80.7 g
Salt equivalents 0.08 g

(Reference Page: Kokubu Group カルピスもち )


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