Parasol Chocolate: Fujiya’s Classic Umbrella Chocolate

Recently (after purchasing on Amazon the other day), I learned on the net that there are various umbrella chocolates overseas.

Fujiya Parasol Chocolate

But I found the one representing Japan, Parasol Chocolate from Fujiya, is cute and lovely compared to those with fashionable Pecotail-Peco Chan on the wrapper!

Fujiya Parasol Chocolate

Fujiya Parasol Choco Japanese Umbrella Chocolate

Parasol Chocolate (パラソルチョコレート) is a Japanese umbrella chocolate introduced by Fujiya (不二家) in 1954, loved by children through the ages in Japan.

It is small, adorably designed, marketed toward children, and reasonably priced at 50 yen, so I think the sweet treat is a kind of Dagashi.

Fujiya Parasol Chocolate Milk Choco & Strawberry Flavor

Fujiya Parasol Chocolate comes in two flavors (Milk Choco and Strawberry), and its strawberry version is like Apollo Chocolate with a two-layer structure.

These Japanese candies are all gentle-tasting and so yummy that I think they could be go-to treats for every sweet tooth.

Fujiya Parasol Chocolate with Pecotail-Peco

However, nowadays, I don’t see these umbrella chocolates sold at stores, and thus bought them on Amazon.

The candy is getting rare now, but Fujiya Parasol Chocolate is comparable to Meiji Apollo Chocolate and is still a must-try (at least a must-know) for Japanese candy lovers!


Fujiya Parasol Chocolate Milk Choco Ingredients

Ingredients (Milk Choco)
Sugar, Cacao mass, Whole milk powder, Vegetable oil/fat, Cocoa butter, Soy emulsifier, Flavoring (from Milk and Soybean)

(Reference Page: Fujiya パラソルチョコレート )


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