Umaibo: Natto Flavor Corn Puffs Taste Good or Bad?!

Natto (納豆) is a food that originated in Japan and is infamous for its peculiar smell and taste, though the fermented soybeans are nutrient-rich and healthful if adequately consumed.

Even Japanese people, many dislike the food and can’t eat it, but vice versa. Here, Natto comes even in the form of snacks, among which Hoshi Natto has long been a favorite.

Yaokin Umaibo Natto

You may be amazed, but some Japanese corn puffs even use Natto flavoring and deliciously recreates the delicacy’s taste, and this Umaibo Natto from Yaokin is that representative.

Yaokin Umaibo Natto

Umaibo Natto Flavor Puffcorn

There are various unique flavors in Yaokin’s Umaibo puffed corn snack series, but only this Natto flavor stick (Price: 12 yen) can give you an experience unlike any other. 

The treat is savory (with no unpleasant smell) and tastes so good, but it contains actual Natto (in powder) and leaves your taste buds a sticky or slimy feel after munching.

The sliminess is weak, and I don’t mind, but the element could divide snackers. I see the Umaibo Natto puffcorn available in some online stores, so if you are curious, you can try it out.

In terms of the taste of the snack, I predict that you will say delicious/yummy or not bad, but I think the slimy feeling can change your mind.

Ingredients/Nutrition Facts

Umaibo Natto Flavor Corn Puff Snack Ingredients Nutrition Facts Label

Non-GMO corn, Vegetable oil/fat, Sugar, Natto powder, Sugars (Sugar, Dextrose), Natto seasoning, Sweet corn powder,  Soy sauce, Powdered dashi shoyu, Spice, Kombu seaweed powder, Aonori, Green onion powder, Powdered soy sauce, Seasoning (including Amino acid), Flavoring, Sweetener (Sucralose), Acidifier, Color (Caramel pigment) (Partially including Wheat, Soybean, Chicken, and Pork)

Nutritional Values

Nutritional Values per Stick
Calories 36 kcal
Protein 0.6 g
Fat 2.1 g
Carbohydrates 3.6 g
Salt Equivalents 0.1 g


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