Dora Choco : Mini Dorayaki Pancakes with Chocolate for Kids

One of the most famous, long-serialized Japanese manga, Doraemon is on the air around the world and widely enjoyed. The main character, the gadget cat from the future, Doraemon is well-known for loving yummy buns.

Actually, the pancake that appears in the popular manga is a traditional Japanese confection called “Dorayaki (どら焼き)“, which consists of 2 round, moist pancakes with sweet red bean paste “Anko (餡子)” in between.

Shirakiku – Dorayaki pancakes (5pcs, 300g)

The above is an orthodox traditional style of Doraemon’s yummy buns, but in modern times, Dorayaki comes in various types. Among those, the one that is popular with children is the Dagashi-type.

Dagashi (駄菓子)” is a Japanese term for cheap and relatively small Japanese snacks and candies. It generally only costs 10 to 100 yen so that kids can buy many kinds of Dagashi with small pocket money.

Since today I purchased a famous Dagashi Dorayaki bun at a supermarket near my house, I want to introduce it.

Dorachoco (どらチョコ)

The dorayaki pancake mainly for children that I purchased this time is “Dora Choco (どらチョコ)” from Yaokin, a Japanese food company well-known for its corn puff Dagashi snack bar, “Umaibo (うまい棒)” (

There are 2 pancakes with a soft and moist texture just like traditional dorayaki buns in the package, but these are pretty small compared to regular Dorayaki.

Besides, instead of sweet red bean paste, thick chocolate cream is sandwiched between the 2 pancakes. What is better for kids, the price of the dagashi sweet is just 30 yen.

The Ingredients

The main ingredients of Dora Choco pancakes are the same as those of traditional Dorayaki buns, that is, sugar, wheat flour, hen’s egg, starch syrup, and honey. It is said that the moist texture of Dorayaki sweets comes from honey.

In Conclusion

In brief, the Dagashi sweet, Dora Choco is the mini Dorayaki pancake for kids with rich and thick chocolate cream in between. The Dagashi is available at many supermarkets in Japan, so if you are interested and get a chance, why not try the fusion of Japanese and Western?


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