Tankiri Ame: Japanese Candy for Clearing Phlegm

When it comes to classic Japanese candy, what comes to my mind right away is Shio Ame, Kuro Ame, Hakka Ame, and Neri Ame.

In their names, “Ame (飴)” is the Japanese word for hard candy, and all the treats are available at supermarkets in Japan.

However, what I introduce here “Tankiri Ame (たんきり飴)” isn’t easy to find, and I had never tried it before this purchase.

Tankiri Ame (たんきり飴)

When I shopped at a supermarket in Niigata City the other day, I headed to the snack and candy section to hunt for something interesting.

As a result, I came across a unique-shaped white candy by chance that I had never seen before, and that was a Tankiri Ame.


Tankiri Ame

Based on some online sources, including this, Tankiri Ame is originally a candy for clearing the throat of phlegm.

Several regions of Japan locally make it, and some actually contain herbal extracts like ginger.

Tankiri Ame Hard Candy

The candy is made, taking time and labor, heating ingredients with a boiler called “Kama (釜)”.

The ingredients initially have a blackish color. But while being simmered, they turn white.

Because of the production method, the candy takes on a unique shape and texture. It appears to be swollen but contains no air. 

Unlike regular hard candies, Tankiri Ame is easily broken into pieces when you bite, even though it is hard.


Tankiri Ame Hard Candy Ingredients

According to the label, this one is hand-made only with three ingredients, cane sugar, granulated sugar, and starch syrup.

So with a gentle sweetness, these treats have a simple taste.

Where to Buy

Tankiri Ame Hard Candy

As mentioned above, Tankiri Ame can hardly be found even at supermarkets in Japan.

If you want to try it, I think the best way is to search and buy it online.


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