Taberu Shoyu: Soy Sauce meant for Eating

Rice is an essential part of Japanese cuisine. And in Japan, various rice seasonings and condiments can be seen in supermarkets.

Among others, “Furikake (ふりかけ)” is the most loved condiment that has been around since about a century ago.

But in recent years, several new types of products have gained popularity.

A representative example is “Taberu Rayu (食べるラー油)” chili oil popularized by Momoya in 2009.

And for the last few years, the food called “Taberu Shoyu (食べる醤油)” has been sometimes featured. 

Taberu Shoyu from Kuze Fuku Shoten

Taberu Shoyu, literally soy sauce meant for eating, comes in 2 types.

One is what I introduce here from Kuze Fuku Shoten, while the other is the freeze-dried soy sauce called “Saku Saku Shoyu (サクサクしょうゆ)” from Kikkoman.

Kuze Fuku Taberu Shoyu

Recently, I got the product from Kuze Fuku Shoten in the market of a Mujirushi Ryohin.

The soy sauce is made from black soybeans and kome-koji (malted rice) that have been pickled together in a mirin-soy sauce mixture and aged for 2 months.

Taberu Shoyu Soy Sauce meant for Eating

So this jar contains plenty of black soybeans, which are tender, making the soy sauce a Taberu Shoyu.

Since the sauce also contains malted rice, it is thick in consistency with a characteristic taste of kome-koji to it. 


Cooked Rice with Taberu Shoyu

The Taberu Shoyu from Kuze Fuku has a distinctive mild fragrance and flavor somewhat different from ordinary soy sauce and can be a rice condiment.

Hiyayakko Tofu with Taberu Shoyu

The sauce also goes well with fresh vegetables, like cucumber sticks, and I found it perfect for cold tofu or Hiyayakko. 

Ingredients and Nutrition Facts

Kuze Fuku Taberu Shoyu Ingredients

Kuze Fuku Taberu Shoyu Nutrition Facts

Lastly, here are the ingredients and nutrition facts labels of Kuze Fuku Taberu Shoyu.

According to that, with 207 kcal and 4.4 g salt equivalents per 100 grams, the sauce mainly consists of black soybeans, kome-koji (malted rice), soy sauce, and hon-mirin.


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