Easy & Authentic Matsutake Flavor Ozoni Soup

Zoni (雑煮), politely called Ozoni (お雑煮), is a traditional Japanese dish that represents Japan’s New Year’s Day festivities.

It is a soup dish made with a plain rice cake called Mochi (餅) and other miscellaneous ingredients that vary depending on the region and each household.

Thus, there are many variations of Ozoni soup in Japan, some of which are miso-based, but many come in a clear dashi-rich broth flavored with soy sauce.

Typical ingredients widely used in Zoni include chicken, daikon radish, carrot, and burdock root, and the O-Mochi soup is commonly served in a lacquered bowl.

Ozoni Soup using Nagatanien Matsutake Osuimono

How to make Ozoni Mochi Soup with Nagatanien Instant Matsutake Osuimono

As O-Zoni is one of the most-loved Mochi dishes, if you search the recipe online, many results will pop up, and those would be good, made from scratch.


But my blog is not a pure recipe site, and today, I thought I wanted to make it in another way with instant Suimono soup, specifically using Nagatanien’s Matsutake Osuimono.

Nagatanien Matsutake Flavor Osuimono Soup

The instant Suimono soup features the pleasant fragrance of Matsutake mushrooms and tastes authentic, packed with umami, including Katsuobushi bonito extract.

Because of the deliciousness, it has been a favorite of many people for a long time. And I’m among them.


The Ozoni recipe is listed on the official website of Nagatanien, and I made the Mochi soup following the instructions.

And for people curious, here I share the cooking process with photos.

1 First, bake a Kiri-Mochi in the toaster oven for 4 to 5 minutes at 230°C (446°F) until it puffs up.
2 While baking the Mochi, make instant Suimono soup; First, put the Nagatanien Matsutake Osuimono soup base in a bowl
3 Then, pour 180 ml of boiling water and stir lightly with chopsticks.
4 Take the toasted Mochi out of the oven and add it to the Matsutake Suimono soup.
5 (Optional) If desired, garnish the soup with some toppings. I added Kamaboko (fish cake) slices and Mitsuba leaves this time.
6 Matsutake Flavor Ozoni Soup Now it’s ready to eat! Enjoy the Matsutake Ozoni!


The Matsutake Ozoni soup was tastier than I expected. The taste was elegant and very Japanese.

And I can highly recommend this recipe if you love traditional Japanese cuisine or Washoku!

Note that cooked Mochi is chewy, stretchy, and very sticky, so please be cautious not to choke on it.


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