Anko Mochi Super Fluffy Puffed Rice Snack

“Anko (あんこ, 餡子)” is a sweet bean paste that is an indispensable part of Wagashi traditional Japanese confections.

Anko comes in various types, but the most common variety is made of red beans called “Azuki (小豆)”.

Anko is often served with Mochi rice cake, and the dish can broadly be called “Anko Mochi (あんこ餅)”. 

There are a number of dishes that can be called Anko Mochi in Japan, which include Oshiruko, Zenzai, and Ankoro Mochi

Anko Mochi Puffed Rice Snack from Echigo Seika 

Echigo Seika Anko Mochi Puffed Rice Snack

Since those foods using Anko are very familiar to Japanese people and have been long-time favorites in Japan, Anko Mochi is recently also available in the form of snacks.

Echigo Seika Anko Mochi

This Anko Mochi from Echigo Seika Confectionery is a puffed rice snack coated in a thin layer of Anko featuring its extreme fluffiness.

Anko Mochi Rice Puffs

In fact, once popped into the mouth, these rice puffs instantly collapse and melt away.

Anko Mochi Super Fluffy Puffed Rice Snacks

This Anko Mochi actually has a sibling product called “Kinako Mochi (きなこ餅)“, which is a kind of Kinako Mochi, but the Mochi part is super fluffy like this snack.

Echigo Seika Funwari Meijin Kinako Mochi

These Echigo Seika Anko Mochi and Kinako Mochi puffed rice snacks both have a very Japanese taste and are quite addictive because of their texture and refined flavors.

Echigo Seika Anko Mochi Rice Puffs

And for that, I recommend these with confidence to those who love Japanese sweets.

Ingredients and Calories

Echigo Seika Anko Mochi Puffed Rice Snack Ingredients

Lastly, let’s see the ingredient list on the back of the package.

According to that, these Anko Mochi puffs consist of vegetable oil, glutinous rice “Mochi Gome (餅米)”, sugar, dextrose, Azuki red bean powder, dextrin, salt, oligosaccharide, flavoring, and sweetener (stevia).

By the way, the calories per package (60 grams) are 318 kcal, and this Japanese treat contains about 0.24 g salt equivalents in total.


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