Mishima Furikake Flavors: Kaori, Akari, Umeko, Hiroshi

Mishima Foods is a Hiroshima-based food company known for its Shiso Furikake Yukari (ゆかり)

The perilla rice seasoning debuted in 1970 and afterward gained tremendous popularity. And now, it has become a staple in many households in my country. 

Nowadays, the Yukari Furikake is also available on online marketplaces outside of Japan and gaining recognition,

but it seems many buyers overseas don’t know the rice seasoning has siblings, Kaori (かおり), Akari (あかり), Umeko (うめこ), and Hiroshi (ひろし). 

Mishima Furikake Rice Seasoning Flavors

Mishima Furikake

Yukari, Kaori, Akari, Umeko, and Hiroshi are all used in Japanese people’s names, and the ones other than Hiroshi are for females.

Yukari FurikakeMishima Yukari Furikake

The maker released the Aojiso (青じそ: green perilla) Furikake Kaori in 1984, and in 2010, the spicy Tarako (たらこ: cod roe) Furikake Akari went on the market.

Kaori Furikake with salted aromatic Aojiso flakesMishima Kaori Furikake

The above Kaori and below Akari seasonings are known as the younger sisters of Yukari.

Akari Furikake with spicy Tarako roeMishima Akari Furikake

But later, Mishima Foods additionally added the Kari Kari Ume Furikake Umeko (in 2020) and the Aona (青菜: leafy greens) Furikake Hiroshi (in 2021) to their Furikake lineup.

Umeko Furikake with salty-sour Kari Kari Ume plumsMishima Umeko Furikake

Although Umeko and Hiroshi are, to be exact, Maze-Gohan no Moto or Mazekomi Furikake, these five flavors are all reasonably priced at 100 yen (tax excluded). 

Hiroshi Furikake with salted flavorful Aona greensMishima Hiroshi Furikake

Each is tasty with a unique Japanese taste and worth trying if you like Yukari, but if I had to choose, my recommendation would be Akari and Hiroshi.

Ingredients/Nutrition Facts

For your information, here are the ingredients and nutrition facts labels of the Mishima Furikake 4 flavors, Kaori, Akari, Umeko, and Hiroshi.

Mishima Furikake Kaori Ingredients Nutrition Facts Calories LabelMishima Kaori Furikake

The main ingredients are salted green perilla, salt, sugar, and maltose.

Mishima Furikake Akari Ingredients Nutrition Facts Calories LabelMishima Akari Furikake

The main ingredients are salted cod roe, Mentaiko flavoring, sugar, and Togarashi chili pepper powder. 

Mishima Mazekomi Furikake Umeko Ingredients Nutrition Facts Calories LabelMishima Umeko Furikake

The main ingredients are salted Ume plum, sugar, and dextrose.

Mishima Mazekomi Furikake Hiroshi Ingredients Nutrition Facts Calories LabelMishima Hiroshi Furikake

The main ingredients are salted Hiroshimana (a specialty Aona of Hiroshima), salt, and sugar.


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