Best Way to Eat Natto? Combine these Rankings!

What is best varies from person to person. 

For natto, some Japanese would say they love natto-jiru (納豆汁: miso soup using natto), or their favorite may be kimchi natto served as a side dish.

As for me, my best way to eat natto is simply with plain white rice. And this is probably what many people prefer most.

Best Japanese Ways to Eat Natto with Rice

Natto Rice with Raw Egg and Green Onions

But how do they consume natto? Today, I found these rankings online on “Your Best Seasoning and Topping for Natto” when eating rice.

If you want the best way to eat natto with a warm bowl of white rice, I think the internet survey conducted by Intage Holdings will help a lot;

I recommend choosing one or a few items from each ranking and combining them. 

The Top 10 Best Seasonings

  1. Natto tare sauce (60.2%)
  2. Soy sauce (40.1%)
  3. Karashi (32.6%)
  4. Mentsuyu (7.5%)
  5. Katsuobushi bonito flakes (4.8%)
  6. Dashi kombu (4.6%)
  7. Ponzu sauce (4.5%)
  8. Wasabi (3.9%)
  9. Togarashi chili pepper or Shichimi (3.6%)
  10. Sesame oil (3.3%)

Natto Gohan with Umeboshi Okra Soft Boiled Egg Katsuobushi Green Onions

The Top 10 Best Toppings

  1. Green onions (49.8%)
  2. Egg (21.1%)
  3. Okra (13.2%)
  4. Grated daikon radish (9.1%)
  5. Oba green shiso (perilla) leaves (8.2%)
  6. Mekabu (7.5%)
  7. Shredded nori (7.2%)
  8. Shirasu whitebait (6.5%)
  9. Yamaimo mountain yam or Tororo (5.6%)
  10. Sesame seeds (4.2%)

I think the survey result showcases how Japanese people eat natto with rice.

But for those who don’t know how to use them, this article offering concrete examples will help you get ideas.


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