3 Japanese Foods that Exceptionally Go Well on Toast

Several Japanese foods go well on a slice of toast. If you know what they are, you might be surprised.

3 Japanese Toast Recipes to Try

Today, let me introduce 3 Japanese foods that non-Japanese usually don’t prepare for toast. Each exceptionally works well on top!

Ogura Toast with Sweet Red Beans

Ogura Toast
Have you ever heard of Ogura Toast?

Ogura Toast is a dish known as a local specialty of Nagoya. The Japanese toast features sweetened Azuki red beans called Ogura-An (小倉あん).

The preparation is simple like this.

  1. Toast a thick slice of white bread.
  2. Spread butter over the toast and put Ogura-An as much as you like.

Ogura-An is a type of Anko (餡子), and from the chunky red bean paste, the toast gets a delicious taste that is very familiar to us Japanese.

Kinako Toast with Roasted Soy Flour

Kinako ToastImage: cookpad.com 

As you may know, Kinako (きな粉) is roasted soy flour of Japanese origin. It is healthy food used in various ways.

Japanese people commonly prepare the Kinako soybean flour for Mochi, but some like to use it on toast.

They typically make Kinoko Toast like this.

  1. Toast a slice of white bread and spread honey.
  2. As a finishing touch, sprinkle a proper amount of Kinako, and the toast takes on a pleasantly savory taste!

Mentaiko Toast with Salted Cod Roe

Mentaiko Toast
Mentaiko (明太子) is a Japanese delicacy made by pickling cod roe in salt, while spicy Mentaiko with red chili pepper has the name Karashi Mentaiko (辛子明太子).

The Mentaiko roe unexpectedly matches well with toast, and some Japanese like the dish.

Because of that, you can even see a butter product with Mentaiko at supermarkets in Japan.

And with it, you can effortlessly make Mentaiko Toast with a distinctive umami taste.


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